Eurofabs (UK) Ltd

36,000 sq ft of manufacturing space

Fabricating Specialist Solutions Since 1989

Based in Rochdale Lancs we have good connections with the Motorway network that allows large components to be supplied countrywide. The factory comprises of two bays 80 meters long by 21 meters wide giving 3,360 sq mtrs (36,000 sq ft) of manufacturing area.

The bays have cranage capacity of 30 Te with a lift height of 7.5 mtrs and a High Lift area that gives 1Te at 9.5 mtrs.


Fully segregated fabrication and assembly areas enable clean controlled environments to be established for individual customer requirements.  Material bonding and quarantine areas allow maximum traceability.

Eurofabs have proven to be a crucial supplier to both the pharmaceutical & nuclear industries having cemented various framework agreements for critical manufacturing supplies.

Management Vision Statement

Eurofabs (UK) Ltd – Vision for Success

Eurofabs (UK) Ltd was created over 30yrs ago with a simple objective, to manufacture to the highest standard we could. Today that commitment has expanded to include every aspect of this company.

We pride ourselves on our continuing long term investment:

  • In machinery: Having started the CNC revolution we are planning for the next expansion stage of our production capability.
  • In safety: Ensuring we provide the safest environment for every member of staff to work in.
  • In People: To provide the security of long term employment – to value the long term service records of our staff as our greatest asset.
  • In Training: To provide the resources and expertise of whatever is required to ensure we maintain the highest of quality standards.
    In the Environment: A safe and environmentally sustainable place to work.

In short, a vision for all our futures that will ensure we play a pivotal role in the nuclear and pharmaceutical industries.

Keith Hanson
Managing Director


Our Standards

  • ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified by SGS Ltd
  • Weld Procedures to BS EN ISO 15613 & 15614
  • Welder Qualification to BS EN ISO 9606NDE Procedures to BS EN ISO 17635 (General Rules)
  • Weld Acceptance Criteria to BS EN ISO 5817
  • In-House Weld Inspector Qualified to PCN Level II
  • Approved  Closed Section Pressure Tests
  • Aproved Leak Test Procedures
  • Approved Paint Procedures (PSX 700 & Conventional Paints)
  • Approved Proof Load Test Procedures
  • An Excellent understanding of the Current Spec.Techs and ES specs
  • ES_0_5394_2 Issue 3 Fabrication of Plant and Equipment Carbon Steel + Stainless Steel General Duty

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