Eurofabs (UK) Ltd

36,000 sq ft of manufacturing space


Eurofabs (UK) Limited is committed to fully satisfying both external and internal customers within a process of continual improvement.

Although ultimate responsibility for the quality, cost and timeliness of deliveries resides with the Directors, all employees are individually responsible for the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the work they do.

We will strive to meet our customers’ needs and expectations, and be a best value supplier of products that are of sound quality, and fully comply with the contractual requirements of the order, and are delivered on time.

All personnel are expected to commit to the achievement of the above objectives and to implement and maintain the quality procedures and approved working practices relevant to their functions.”

‘’Right First Time, Every Time” is the philosophy which will be adopted by all employees and which will result in satisfied customers.

The company will seek to establish close working relationships with its suppliers for the mutual benefit and success of both parties.

The company will ensure that it is aware of any impact its operations have on the environment and will take all reasonable precautions to prevent any environmentally damaging actions or processes.

The Directors will ensure that the facilities, resources and environment exist to encourage the execution of this policy.

Our Standards

  • ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified by SGS Ltd
  • Weld Procedures to BS EN ISO 15613 & 15614
  • Welder Qualification to BS EN ISO 9606NDE Procedures to BS EN ISO 17635 (General Rules)
  • Weld Acceptance Criteria to BS EN ISO 5817
  • In-House Weld Inspector Qualified to PCN Level II
  • Approved  Closed Section Pressure Tests
  • Aproved Leak Test Procedures
  • Approved Paint Procedures (PSX 700 & Conventional Paints)
  • Approved Proof Load Test Procedures
  • An Excellent understanding of the Current Spec.Techs and ES specs
  • ES_0_5394_2 Issue 3 Fabrication of Plant and Equipment Carbon Steel + Stainless Steel General Duty